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Five Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Car Battery

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Ever been stranded on the road due to car battery trouble? Getting the right battery for your vehicle is critical because it will determine how well your can will run. A good battery will serve you reliably for a long time. If you are seeking to buy a new car battery the following are five things that you should consider.

•    The Size of The Battery

Car batteries come in various sizes. To find out which one is best for your vehicle, consult the car manual or talk to your mechanic. Proper battery size is essential because, if it is too big or too small, it will be unable to make appropriate connections with the terminals. It may also not fit properly into the space created for it which will hamper its operation. Note that there are certain types of vehicles that can carry various battery sizes. If your vehicle has such a feature, you can utilise the flexibility it provides in using multiple batteries depending on your need.

•    The Freshness of The Battery

How fresh a battery is impacts your car in two ways. First, a battery loses its charge over time whether in use or not. A battery that has been in use or storage for a long time will hold and deliver a charge level lower than the ex-factory specification. You get less use out of it on top of a shorter life.

Secondly, manufacturers issue warranties for batteries based on the date of manufacture and not the date of purchase. A battery that has been in storage for a long time might not have a valid warranty. A rule of thumb is never to purchase a battery that is more than six months old.

•    The Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity is the amount of time the battery can run before discharge on its power aside from the engine. A high capacity is crucial during emergency situations like alternator failure. 

•    Manufacturer Warranty

A reputable battery brand will come with a warranty that assures you of free replacement if specific issues occur. Look at the stipulated periods for both free replacement and the partial reimbursement of the buying price of the battery. 

•    The Cost

How much a battery costs is an essential factor to weigh. Compare different brands of the class of battery you require to spot any cost savings.

A car battery that is right for you will prevent you from encountering various power-related problems. Investigate features and your car's requirements to find the best one for you.