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What To Look For In A New Roof Basket: A Beginners Guide

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Roof baskets are a great accessory for any vehicle, as they instantly increase the maximum storage available, and also they allow you to transport items that would never normally fit into your vehicle. But how do you know what is a good roof basket and what is one that you probably won't use all that often? If this is your first time buying one, you won't have the experience to know the difference, so here are a few key points that you should be on the lookout for that will help you make a good and long-lasting decision!

Anchor Points

A good roof basket will have a lot of different spots for you to tie a rope or cable through so that you can anchor whatever you are carrying, no matter the shape. Some roof baskets offer a lot more sturdy metal sections in the frame that can be used as anchor points, while others have only a couple. Make sure to ask when buying your roof basket where you can and cannot put anchor cables. If it seems quite restrictive, keep looking, you are sure to find a roof basket with more of a universally acceptable frame that will suit your purposes better.

Metal Only

While plastic can be useful as a material in some car accessories, it definitely should not be used in a roof basket. Steel and other strong types of metal are the only materials you should be looking at, with most plastic baskets having a maximum payload far lower than any metal options. Also, make sure to see if the metal is weather resistant, as some will offer a special coating that keeps them safer from corrosion for longer, rather than just having the exposed metal directly being hit by rain and dirt all the time it is out on the road. 

Quick Installation

The easier the roof basket is to install, the more likely you are to use it. If it takes hours to put in place, chances are you are just going to look for a new way to transport whatever you need to move. Some roof baskets offer a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for installation and un-installation. If you can go see the roof basket in person before buying, then you should definitely do that, as this can clear up a lot of questions you have and really illuminate whether or not it will be compatible with your car.