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How to Plan the Most Efficient Way of Moving a Heavy Haulage Load

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If you have a particularly large piece of equipment to transport and do not have access to your own vehicles or trailers, you'll want to find some experienced help. In this case, you need to reach out to organisations that specialise in heavy haulage, and when you do, they will initiate a logistics plan to perform the work as efficiently as possible. What are some of the steps involved in such a plan? 

Crafting Plan

In fact, there's a lot involved in making a plan like this. The company will have to find the most efficient, reliable and affordable method of transporting your load from point A to point B. Then, they will also need to figure out how to fit the equipment onto a given trailer and pair it up with a tractor.

Question Time

The planning team will ask a lot of questions at the outset. They'll want to know the nature of the load you are shipping and its dimensions, weight and centre of gravity. They will aim to complete the journey in accordance with your stipulated shipping timelines while making everything as cost-effective as possible.

Handling Costs

However, you must remember that several factors may affect timing and route. Some roads may have toll gates, and those costs could be substantial for a load like this. While those particular roads may be quicker, others may be cheaper.

Considering Route Restrictions

Then, they'll have to consider restrictions. Many local authorities will not allow a rig of this size or complexity to pass through their jurisdiction. Therefore, your planning team will have to compile a list of blackspots and work around that. Even if they can proceed along a given road, they may encounter a low bridge or a particularly sharp bend that will be impossible to manoeuvre.

Finding the Right Equipment

One of the advantages of using a company like this is that they will have previous experience, which they can turn to in order to find the most appropriate trailer. Such a trailer will need to be able to handle the dimensions of your load with particular emphasis on weight distribution and access to all important securement points. Without this specialised knowledge, you could spend a considerable amount of time trying to locate a trailer only to find that it could not accommodate the peculiarities of your load.

Bringing in the Experts

As you can see, there's a great deal involved in planning a heavy haulage trip like this. Therefore, your first step should be to call the experts who will help you save time and money as you process the task.